The Purpose

I like to learn.
When I'm actively seeking to grow—in body, mind, and spirit—I feel most alive.

Everyday on this blog I share something I've learned, experienced, or discovered.  Seeking at least one thing to post as I live the day fosters a mindset of learning, and continual individual growth is my purpose in this journaling endeavor.

The speed of my growth in life nor the method of learning matters. A day's post might be a remembrance of something I learned long ago and forgotten. Or it could the cultivation of a skill I haven't practiced in a while. Or I could write a simple verbalization of an idea I couldn't distill before. Be it petty and humorous or deep and thought-provoking, so long as I grow every day, I've succeeded.


Post Categories

Feeding the Spirit

The Lord God is my life and I desire to continually grow closer to Him. Here I share things that fed deepest parts of my being, drew me away from the darkness of this world, and brought me closer to my God. Most often times it's something I read in Scripture. Sometimes it's simply my reflections on life.

Stabilizing the Emotions

My emotions have the easy ability to swing from high to low and vise-versa very quickly. Posts in this category tend to contain practical to-dos or thoughts to ponder on to help slow that roller coaster. The content tends to be very specific to me and might not make sense to an outsider how exactly it's helpful.

Expanding the Mind

I like to learn. Studying new concepts in a variety of subjects and fields makes my mind feel awake and alive. Here I record things I've learned through school, independent reading, and/or experience. It mostly contains scientific concepts, new skills, practical life tips, and ideas that changed my perspective on life.

Healing the Body

Six years ago, toxic mold reeked havoc on my immune system, causing inflammation throughout the body and hyperreactivity to mold and chemicals. In this category I note things that help or hinder my healing. These posts are not recommendations, as each person has a unique body which may respond differently than mine.