I'm Embarrassed to Share This Post (Girl's Shine Academy)

It’s time to get painfully honest.

I do not want to publish this post or make its video. I have the suffocating feeling they won’t make any difference, and I’ll look like a fool because of it. I’m ashamed to say that, that fear has paralyzed me nearly freakin’ all year. I let my guilt pull me into apathy and my apathy into inaction, and I’m so frustrated with myself because I still truly believe that the construction of Girl’s Shine Academy in Malawi, Africa is an amazing thing.

It’s amazing because the education provided by this high school will help change lives. The girls who attend will learn how to make better decisions for themselves and will gain opportunities to rise out of extreme poverty. Their future children will have a greater chance of surviving past infancy. After they graduate, the students will have to option to go to college and study to become teachers, nurses, and business women. They could then use their knowledge and expertise to help their entire village.

Another major reason it’s so wonderful is that these Malawian girls will simply be learning. We first-world citizens take for granted the access to information we have. Yet, I know I would sorely miss—or worse, wouldn’t even know what I was missing—if I never had the chance to learn how the world works.

Right now, time is of the essence. The school is aiming to open by September 5th, and the final phase of funding still needs to be completed. Every dollar towards the project and every word to spread awareness is incredibly important.

I really, really wish I hadn’t given into fear and had shared about the Academy earlier in its building process. And I’m embarrassed that I’m only getting around to writing this post and video script now. I posted about the school on Facebook back in March, but I also felt called to write this and make it into a video... And I didn’t. But I don’t want my embarrassment or fear to stop me from doing what I know is right. And at this moment, for me, that is making the video. I’ve given monetarily; now it’s time to give again with my words, my time, and my heart.


To anyone who is still reading this, thank you. If you feel moved to donate, here is the link to the fundraising website: villagefridays.com/education. If donating’s not the right thing for you in this moment, there’s no shame in that. Instead, please consider sharing this post or the video, or just simply talking about the school with someone. Every action matters, no matter how small.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this. I’ll write to you again soon, and stay bubbly.

All clips of Africa used were taken from youtube.com/BadMissionary. Gret Glyer, the man who runs the channel, is the who had the vision for Girls Shine and started the project.

I based this video off of the Facebook post I wrote back in March so I could get it out sooner, but also because my words still back then still ring true with me today. I simply changed some wording and added some phrases to make it fit better with today’s context.