Perhaps, after nearly another year, I'll begin to use this website more.

Perhaps my plan for Out of the Bubble might work.

Perhaps I'll finally get my priorities straight.

Perhaps I might finally find someplace to settle down.

Perhaps nothing good will happen in the next year.

Perhaps everything good will happen in the next year.

Man plans his path, but the Lord guides his steps.

I kind of have vision for my future, but I'll just have to see where God takes me.



This is incredibly vague, I know, but we can only view the future through an unfocused lens, so I deem it appropriate.

Long Time

Wow, I have not posted on this page for nearly a year. My, time flies.

When I first created this website, I defined myself as a writer. I also found my identity in my circumstances. I don't define myself by those terms anymore. I love to write, I still live in usual circumstances, but I am who God created and is making me to be. I simply am. I don't have to live up to a standard to fulfill myself. God adores me and fills me with His Spirit just as I am.

It's been freeing. As I put more pressure on myself to write, the desire to had faded. Now that I don't have to, I've rediscovered my love of it. I've even considering joining in National Novel Writing Month this year.

I've let go of the book I had been working on. After I finished the draft, I felt a lack of drive to work on it more. I had been working on it for the past six years, but I think it was more than that. The story helped me process the rough experiences I was going through during those years. The characters bore my struggles and worked through them and turned out okay. I think it told my subconscious I would turn out okay too.

I will always love that story and those characters, but they are more a part of me than I want to share with the world. So for right now, they'll stay tucked away. I have other stories I'm excited to work on, ones I can't wait for others to read.

Well, there's a bit of news about me. Who knows when I post next on this page. Maybe it'll be another year gone by before I think of it.


First Video!

I've done it! I've started a Youtube channel. The name: Out of the Bubble. The first video: Popping the Bubble. (You can see I'm going all out on this bubble theme.)

You can watch the video on Youtube, or on the Out of the Bubble page, or right here! The video is below.

Thank you for reading and watching!


The Website's Up!

I had to breathe deeply and close my eyes before beginning this post. I've never owned a website before, and I'm literally shaking from excitement. It's finally live and I love the look and my bio and the fact I can finally pin photos of the setting of The Wounded from its page onto its Pinterest board, and excuse me, I have to do breathing exercises again.

This blog feed is simply for the biggest updates on my books. As news on writing progress generally doesn't come on a weekly basis, I don't expect to be posting on here regularly. However, I'm on Twitter almost every day and Instagram too. (Follow me @KJanelleBrown!) I think getting a website counts as a big enough writing announcement to deserve a blog post, don't you?

Off to the notebook and pen!