Wandered a Graveyard

I can't remember the last time I visited a graveyard. Not for a burial, rather just to wander. I love finding old graves, from the late 1800s or early 1900s, and wondering what their stories were.

Sometimes the dates indicate a tragedy.

Sometimes a long, full life.

I like cemeteries because they're empty of people but still full of story. I like them because I can walk and be assured no one will try to engage me in conversation. I like them because I could cry if I wished to and no one would ask what's wrong. I so rarely get to be alone out of doors, it's a wonderful relief to find a beautiful graveyard where I can roam be undisturbed.

I'm glad my mom suggested going to this one tonight. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy such outings. I think writing this is my attempt to make note of getting out to cemeteries more often.