The Voices in Silence

How often do I simply sit in silence? How many times do I forego surfing the internet as I eat? How often do I not have music playing or a podcast running as I go about my chores or lie down to rest? 

Rarely. Extremely rarely. 

And I think I need to more often. 

Today, as I snacked curled up in one corner, my phone out of reach across the trailer, I sat in silence. Only the musical horn of the nearby train and the birdsong slipping through the open windows into my ears. In the quiet, a nudge, a whisper impressed upon my mind and beckoned me toward my Lord.

The specifics of the whisper don't matter; what I did in order to obey its instruction doesn't matter. What I want to remember about this encounter with the Spirit is that I could finally hear Him, because I chose to be still and quiet.

I didn't run from an unoccupied mind. I think I so often do because I'm afraid. Of the little condemning voice of the enemy forces that says I've not done enough. Of being available for another to ask for help or counsel. Of facing responsibilities that feel overwhelming.

I am afraid of the thoughts that speak my fears.

In the silence, these thoughts ring loud and clear. Yet when I try to drown them out with noise, I also drown out the whisper that speaks of life and leads to peace.

So from now on, I want to sit in silence at least once every day and listen for the whisper.