Realized My Lord Was Preparing Me

Warning: Frustratingly vague terminology ahead.

For the past few weeks, I've been in limbo. I was faced with two scenarios, and until I had an essential piece of information, I didn't know which scenario would come to fruition. However, it was a happy limbo. My trust in the Lord was rock solid. I could see His goodness in either case, so I wasn't stressed out at all.

Today, I finally recieved the essential piece of information, and I'm rejoicing in my Lord's wisdom and the fact I'm out of limbo... at least in that situation.

Also today, I entered limbo in an entirely different situation—one with multiple results—and did not so happily this time. One option seems wonderful and amazing; the others I have difficulty seeing joy in comparatively. But I believe my Lord allowed the first limbo to teach me how to handle the second.

I need to remind myself of the truth, that all the possible outcomes for this are good. What my Lord has in store ahead is so that His joy will be in me and my joy will be full. 

I don't know when I will receive the essential piece of information and exit this new limbo. Yet I do know, that in the meantime, I will choose to joyfully rest in the promise of my Lord's goodness.