Learned Traveling Habits

Yesterday and today my mother and I were on the road for about 5-6 hours each. Very long trip. Glad it's over. (For now.) Anyways, yesterday I spent a lot of time on electronics. My head was aching by the end of the trip. Not good, especially since we had to travel today, and I awoke with a bit of a headache still. 

I asked God in the morning to keep me from a migraine and I promised to stay off the phone and computer. I made it through the trip very tolerably and have been feeling better than I when I awoke this morning! Staying off really, really helped I think, and it was a mercy of God that today's trip didn't make my head worse.

Too long, didn't read: No electronics while traveling. I can hand write and draw, but I think I should even avoid reading in the car.