Travel Naps

My fickle body doesn't like to travel for hours on end. The jolting and vibrations on the road make it tense up and give me migraine if I go too long without a rat or too many days traveling on end. For the past three days we've been traveling 4-6 hours a day. I'm really beginning to feel it. However, today at a rest stop, I took a 45 minute nap and was so refreshed, we ended up traveling for two hours longer than originally planned. I'm hoping this will sustain me through the next day or two of travel as well. I'd never really let my body rest at rest stops before. I would stretch or chill on my phone, but I never lay down before today. It's incredible what simply being completely still and closing my eyes can do. I really want to do this in future travels. I think it will spare me an unnecessary migraine or two. 

End rambling post.