The Click

Something clicked last night.

I'd had a surprisingly good round at the disc golf course. When I started, my arm had the throwing power of a noodle. Every shot felt uncontrolled and painfully short. The first six holes on the eighteen hole course went terribly. Double bogey after bogey. I was hoping to make at least one par on those very easy holes. Finally, I made par on Hole Seven, simply by a fluke that I'd done once before on the same hole. I threw way off my line, but somehow it managed to wind through a thick grove of trees and land less than fifteen feet away from the basket.

After that par, I started to pick up steam. I still felt extremely shaky with my throws, but I got two more pars and bogeyed a hole I'd only triple-bogeyed before (and one of those triples was with rethrows too). I also threw an amazing forehand anhyzer (a flight path that curves contrary to the disc natural flight) that made it through the trees I was avoiding.

At the completion of Hole Eighteen, I checked my final score and compared it against the last time I played, a time when I'd felt strong and confident.

I had seven strokes less.

Granted, I did take a single retee on Hole Four when I didn't take any rethrows last time, but that only shave two strokes off my score. Even five strokes better when I'm tired and draggled is amazing progress.

After that round, I putted for a bit and discovered a new form I want to practice. Then the mother and I headed back to the trailer, me chattering excitedly about my progress.

I desperately needed a shower, but when we got back, I wanted to practice throwing just a bit more. "Only three throws," I said.

I threw. It was an okay shot. Nothing amazing or long or extremely straight. I walked to my disc, picked it up, and threw again.

This time the disc did what I thought it would never do. It started flying at an angle, with the right side of the disc slightly up, then it flattened out and flew straight for over a hundred feet.

A hyzer flip. The very shot I've been trying to accomplish for the past month. 

And it was effortless.

I ran to retrieve the disc. Threw. Was amazed. Ran. Threw again.

Something had clicked. Somehow, my body knew what to do without my mind telling it. All my hours of practice are beginning to pay off in a spectacular way. I was putting so much power into the disc with so much control. I couldn't believe it. I didn't feel tired or down. I felt so alive and like myself again. 

I think God allowed this spike in progress at the perfect time. I'd been feeling so weak and down, I secretly wondered if I'd plateaued and wouldn't improve any further. He's encouraged me greatly through this, and I'm so grateful to Him.