Learned: Sulfite Migraine and Enzymes

Last night I ate golden raisins with sulfite (or sulfide?) preservatives in them. Today I awoke on the verge of a migraine that peaked around 5pm this evening. I miss videochatting with my aunt and Gramma this Christmas Eve because of that migraine. *disappointed sigh in self*

I really should avoid sulfites (and -fides) and dangnabit, sugars too. They ain't worth this.

One good thing—no, two things—come out of this though. One, my migraines almost always only last a day, and the next day I typically feel pretty good, so hopefully I'll be feeling scrumptious come Christmas tomorrow!

And two,  in looking up how to neutralize sulfites in the body, I learned that it is enzymes that breakdown sulfites and sulfides into sulfate. There is a condition where someone's body produces low levels of the enzyme sulfite dioxidase that can really mess up the system. I want to read up more on enzymes and how they play their role in the body. There are several different kinds, not just those in the digestive tract.