Noted: Celebration

Today is my rebirthday. Seven years ago on this very evening, I lay on the couch, alone in the music room, sobbing my heart out. Or rather, I was lifting it to Christ, trusting my life—my future, my now—to Him. That night I sat down at the dinner table a new person; I'd been reborn.

Sometime I hope to share that night in greater detail, but for now, I want to share about today, the seven-year anniversary of it. I haven't been thinking very far into the future recently, and had it not been for a calendar alert on my phone three days ago, I most likely would have missed this day unwittingly. Thus, I didn't really think about how I'd celebrate it until last night. I thought I'd run up to the nature center at the state park where I'm staying and seeing the exhibits they have on display. My mom and I also discussed taking a segway tour (I laughed too) along the numerous trails in the area. I thought about curling my hair as well—a girl's gotta feel purdy on a special day. I decided on the nature center, but it still hadn't really struck my interest.

Yesterday evening I also made plans to talk with a friend on the phone, completely unrelated to my rebirthday. It just happened to work out. I thought it'd just be a half hour or hour long call and then I would head up to the center. She called, and one hour passed, then two, and we didn't hang up until the 2:59:30 mark and only because she needed to help fix dinner. I didn't have time to go to the nature center by then, and I hadn't even told her about my rebirthday, but that was okay. All I really want in a celebration is to spend time with someone or multiple someones. Though I didn't realize that til after I'd received that gift. And a gift it truly was. I was reborn unto God seven years ago, and so a gift only God could give is wonderfully appropriate.

The rest of my evening has consisted of organizing the Lil Bubbie, eating (I'm a lil addicted to golden raisins right now), and dancing about to Adam Young scores. And as I typed the previous sentence, a friend of mine texted me good news regarding something that could have gone horribly, so my heart is filled with joy. The Lord even answered specifically to how I prayed. Gott ist gut! Truly, God is good!