Learned: Self Care

Over the past week or so, I've been learning that taking care of myself takes time. A lot of time. And that's okay. I need to take care of myself to focus. I actually feel more focused and energetic working when I do take care of myself first. I'm not wasting my time by going through a long morning routine every day (and I mean prayer and reading Scripture as well as the breakfast, supplements, getting dressed sort of thing). I'm preparing myself, and I can feel the difference for it.

Last night, I didn't take care of myself well: I went to bed late (1am, instead of falling asleep by midnight as I need to do). I can feel the effects today; I'm really, really tired. So, even though  I have schoolwork and other things to accomplish today, right now I'm lying down taking a rest because my body needs it.

As someone who's healing from chronic illness, I need to do this. I can't push, or my health will decline. This is something I've often felt guilty over; I feel that taking care of myself is selfish. It's not. God gave me this body and have me charge to take of it. By doing so, I'm honoring Him and the image He created me in. 

What I want to remember is this: it is not wrong or selfish to make myself a priority. When it does no harm to anyone to take this much time and benefits myself, it's not only not wrong, it is good. It is good to take care of myself.