Remembered: Scripture Reading Routine

  • Keep the Bible right beside the bed.
  • First thing in the morning, roll over and read it.
  • Keep it open all the time if possible; it's much easier to read an open book than to have to open it then read. It really helps.
  • If there's not much time in the morning, there's no reason try to rush through a whole chapter or even a passage. Something, however little, is better than nothing (Jefferson Bethke paraphrase right there).
  • Then at night, take more time if possible, and/or flip to another book if the fancy strikes.
  • In the morning, I find it best to continue where I left off the night before; my mind finds it easier than trying to find a new track. Though, I often end up flipping to another book because I get so engrossed with connecting things.
  • I need to use a fine tip pen so I can write freely in the margins without spilling ink everywhere and making my writing illegible.