Old News

It's probably water under the bridge to most people that Germany is a rather cool country. The average highest summer temperature is about 74 degrees Fahrenheit and the average winter low is a (not too chilly by American standards) 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I think I'd actually really like it, except that they get a lot of precipitation throughout the year, so it's often overcast. I'm one of those "I thrive when it's sunny out" people, so I'd probably get extremely depressed if I ever spent too much time there.

Anyways, onto what I actually learned today. That phrase I used above, "water under the bridge," there is a similar phrase in German.

Das ist Schnee von gestern.

Literally translated it means, "That is yesterday's snow." It's just so perfectly fitted to the German culture, I love it. (And who can't love the word for snow. Schnee. Hehe!)