Noted Potential Migraine Triggers

I had a migraine yesterday and last night. Here are the potentional triggers for it, things that were different or I'd recently done differently: 

  • I went to bed/sleep at 1am two nights in a row. 
  • I tried an essential oil blend on my skin before testing it to see if I would react.
  • I pulled my hair up into a half bun to dry the underside after a shower. The weight of wet hair knotted on top of my head is too much for my neck.
  • I also wore my sunglasses with the bun in. I think the combination was too much; also, I think my sunglasses sit too tight on my head anyway.
  • I haven't been eating as many veggies lately and they've all been slightly or fully cooked.
  • My oil lamp is beginning to smell like metal from the paper clip or spring or screw. (I'll be redesigning it shortly.)
  • I've also been on the computer more lately for school and to listen to audiobooks.
  • I've also been more stressed because of school lately.