Learning to Pay Attention to Emotions

Sometimes I'm really good at paying attention to my little hesitations and negative feelings and acting on them. Other times, I suppress my distaste for something and get in a bucketload of trouble. Like today.

I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for today, and I broke down right before it because I desperately did not want it because I don't need it and I didn't feel like spending the energy talking on the phone. I haven't been wanting this appointment ever since my mom scheduled it over a month ago. She had asked if I wanted it, and I said yes because *insert rainbows* self-inflicted mental pressure. I should have paid attention to my little hesitation earlier because freaking out seven minutes before a doctor is supposed to call is not cool. God gave me grace though, and the doctor was running behind on appointments, so it was no problem I canceled. Yeah, I could have handled the situation better, but I wouldn't have gotten myself into it had I paid attention to my actual desires.