Don't be lke me, the 20 year-old kid who cooked her last two zucchinis with meat she was unsure about. I thought it'd be fine; it had been cooked awhile ago and was in the fridge a bit too long, but I'd be heating it up again. All good, right?

When I started eating the beautiful concoction of penne pasta, zucchini, and meat, I tasted a weird, foreign flavor. 

I tossed the whole bowl, popped four activated charcoal capsules (to absorb the harmful bacteria toxins), and am now chowing down on flatbread and milk, exactly the meal I wanted to avoid. I'm also praying I don't get food poisoning. It would be rather inconvenient timing; I need to do laundry tomorrow and make a gift for someone's birthday. Well, if I do, I have plenty of dirty clothes to choose from so I don't get puke on my remaining clean ones. I don't know if the gift receiver would be very happy if their gift was stained with a bit of vomit though.

Anyway, today's failed-to-learn lesson is PAY ATTENTION TO THOSE LITTLE HESITATIONS, K.