Learned: Online Presentation

Out with the old...

It's important to be happy with how your website looks, especially if it's a personal one such as this one is for me. It's my domain on the interwebs, in a way Instagram or Twitter can never be. I have full control over the appearance as well as the content. I'm not done remodeling yet—I still have some new pages to write and some style details to experiment with—but I'm much happier with it than I was.

I adore the new rose banner. Every time I've considered putting together an "astethic" collage of how I see myself, it's the first photo I think of. I love the muted pink and deep green—they are colors of elegance. I feel like they better represent who I want to become, a woman of grace who knows her mind and is still soft and compassionate of heart. 

I feel like the bright blue and sharp lettering of the old banner represents a past version of myself. The exuberant, bubbly girl. That girl isn't gone—my humor is dramatic and ridiculous and bubbles over regularly—I just want the freedom to be more than the blue portrayed me to be. The old style held me back in a younger self; the new style gives me room to grow into the older me I'm yet to become.

Style really is a fitting word, since a website is like an outfit in a way. If I don't feel comfortable and lovely in it, I'll feel self-conscious and awkward. If I do feel lovely however, I feel free to be me.

In with the new.