Amazing Migraine Progress

All my life I've experienced intense migraines. The pain was so bad, I'd be confined to bed for nearly 24 hours each time. Since moving into a 100% mold-free dwelling, I've been having them less and less. I didn't realize how much I've healed in the past few months however until today. 

I awoke with a slight headache that got worse as the morning wore on.  Yet being up and out helped keep it at bay better than lying in bed, so I went out with friends to play disc golf. I drove 30 minutes to the course, played for nearly 3 hours while interacting with people, drove 30 minutes back, and then practiced my throwing form for about another half-hour once home. All with a migraine. 

I can hardly believe I was able to do it. I'm healing. This day goes to show it.

Granted, I have been asleep in bed for the six hours since I came inside after practicing, but it's still amazing I'm feeling better after so little time.

My Lord God is so good to me. He heals. It's what He does. He cleaned me of my sin through His Sonso He could healed my broken heart for Himself. Now He's healing my broken body too. 

Dankeschön, mein Gott!