Learned Locations of Water Valves

Mom and I were having a bit of trouble with the new water system for the past few days. The water pump would continually run, even when the proper pressure was supposed to be reached and we were getting no hot water. I did little investigating and realized the valve to the hot water heater was not open. I had to go under Mom's bed and search a bit to find the valve, but I did.

Then after we unhitched, water started pouring out the fresh water tank drainage pipe. So that's why the pump was continually running; it was trying to pump on a draining tank. So again, I had to venture under the bed and find the valve. It was bit hidden by a furnace vent tube, but I found it. After I closed it and filled the tank a bit again, the water pump worked like a dream.

This may not sound like much, but it's a relief to know more about how my new mobile adobe works and how to fix it. I'm also proud of myself for figuring out what was going on instead of instantly ringing up the service guy.