A Ramble on the Importance of Listening

I like to consider myself a good listener. Maybe with others I am, but I struggle to listen to myself a lot of the time. More specifically, I struggle to listen to my body's needs and I end up suffering for it.

This past Sunday I pushed myself, hard. For three days, I let myself rest, and almost 72 hours later on the nose, my energy returned. But the next day (yesterday actually haha), I pushed myself again.

This morning I was faced with a dilemma. I could either try to push through my exhaustion on the suspicion it was psychological, or I could rest. I thought it through, and I chose to rest. Now, at 8 pm this evening, I'm so glad I did.

I feel much better than this morning. More motivated, more hopeful. Not bouncing off the walls saying "Let's get things DONE," but I feel like with a good night's sleep, I'll finally be feeling up to speed again tomorrow. 

But I still need to be alert. I can't waste my energy tomorrow by pushing myself like I did yesterday. 

To explain what I mean, there's a principle in finance that I picked up from listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast: when you finally get out of debt, you don't go on a spending spree. You budget, save up an emergency fund so you have financial wiggle room, and then you can begin investing. 

The same applies to my energy in this case. The moment I rise out of my energy low into normal energy, I shouldn't go into debt again. I need to take a day, or several days, to recover after being in an energy debt. I need to build up a margin, so I don't dip down when something extra taxing comes along, and I need to learn to budget my energy. And I believe the first steps to successful budgeting are listening to what my body's saying it needs, and then heeding it. I wonder if those are the first steps to a successful monetary budget as well...