My Greatest Need in the Trenches

I realized that when I'm physically and emotionally exhausted, the last thing I need is some convicting and supposedly motivational piece of content, be it a blog post or Youtube video or whatever. I don't need something telling me to get up and do something, make a change, be different, because in that moment I can't do it. I don't have the energy to do anything other than survive as gracefully and lovingly as I can (which I admit, I really need to work on...). What I need when I'm exhausted is grace. I need permission to rest. I need a reminder that I have to slow down in order to maintain a moderate speed again. That it won't be like this forever. That I'm not lazy or not trying hard enough. That it's not all psychological and my emotional weakness comes from a physical lack of energy to sustain happiness. That I should not  push myself  because in doing so, I will only set myself back further, and that everytime I have pushed the limits of my energy, I've suffered greatly for it.

Life is vastly different for someone with chronic fatigue and chronic inflammatory response syndrome. I am one of those someones.