Discovered a Waterfall

Today Mom and I drove along the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee and discovered Fall Hollow. It was beautiful.

Upper end of the big waterfall

Lower end of the big waterfall

Little waterfall at Fall Hollow

To me, this place was an extra special gift from God because last night in my heartache I wrote, "Without the beauty of art, a heart cannot withstand being broken. It will not survive without a mode of expressing itself." Writing this reminded me that beauty is healing like nothing else. God knew my heart needed a beautiful sight today, to help me heal, and He gave it to me.

Also, as I typed the above quote just now, I wondered something. Does God continue to create such beauty in the world—be it new waterfalls, wonderful sunsets and rises, incredible rainbows and cloud formations—to ease His own heart at the suffering in the world? That He must express Himself somehow, to soothe His own heart as well as ours, and so makes such beautiful things that were not in the original Creation? I don't know the answer; I just wonder.