Realized: Emma

Emma Woodhouse, from Jane Austen's novel Emma, is my favorite Austen character not because of her good attributes but because of her main bad one. Once she sets her mind on a certain idea, she bends every piece of evidence to support the idea until one undeniable statement reveals she had been blinding herself all along.

Perhaps this is the attribute Austen intentionally gave Emma to make readers dislike her. It strikes upon a flaw many women have but don't wish to acknowledge; so the female reader dispises Emma instead of feeling ashamed they do the same thing themselves.

While this failing of Emma's does make me uncomfortable with myself, I believe it is for the best. It shows me my own inadequacy in this area and sets a desire in me to conquer this mindset.  I wish to see the truth that is before me, not the truth I wish was. Emma inspires me to grow alongside her in the same area of life, and that is why she is my favorite Austen character.