College English is Not English

I realized what frustrates me about college-level English courses: they aren't actually the study of English. Yes, one needs to have a command of the English language in order to succeed, but they're actually persuasive communication courses. It's learning how to communicate effectively within a language, not the language itself. Learning the language consists of learning pronunciation, connotation, spelling, grammar, and syntax. It's an entirely different thing from communication.

English the language is well defined (for the most part) with (mostly) clear cut wrong or rights. Effective communication in English (or any language) is not. It's subjective and flimsy. Even if one lays out their point in perfect clarity, they can still be misunderstood. There are no wrong or right answers, only worse or better ones.

The older I get, the more I realize I prefer the well-defined. Math and science is wonderful because there is no wiggle room. Either you have it right, or dead wrong.

Even though I'm not particularly happy to be studying communication (I literally switched my Nutrition major from a communication focus to a business focus so I could escape communication classes), I'm glad that my general-ed "English" studies will be over by the end of the summer. And that's something to be happy about.