Accomplishing a Childhood Dream

As a child, I loved calculators. (Still do!) I would look at all advanced mathematics the buttons on scientific or graphing calculators and wish I knew what they did and how to use them. Well, I finally do! To an extent anyway.

Currently I'm studying the statistics module of the math course I'm in this semester. Today, I learned how to use the little STAT buttons just left of CLEAR to calculate the mean and standard deviation of a sample set.


I love using it so much because, while I do enjoy working through the standard deviation formula by hand, extensive sums get tedious very, very quickly. Aaand also I love the thrill of being able to check my handwritten work for the correct answer in a moment.

*sighs* Math is so amazing. I'm happy God created it. 

I think I finally figured out how my brain processes math. I see numbers and the manipulation of them very spatially, like puzzle pieces. Or maybe it's more like an engine than a puzzle. Each variable and symbol has it's use and without the machine doesn't work properly. Anyway, all this to say that when I'm having trouble understanding a concept or formulas, I need to ask myself why a certain thing is the way it is. I need to understand its function and how it interlocks with the rest of the problem. Once I have that answer, I'm typically good to go.