Realized a Brain Quirk of Mine

I wish I understood exactly why, but I'm discovering that the more I do math, the more creative I get in the artistic realms. I'm currently in a math course and exercising my mind a subject I haven't in a very long time. I'm also beginning to itch to write stories again. Today I got excited over past story ideas in a way I haven't for years. It feels like as I wake up the mathematical part of my brain, the story-generation part of it is stirring as well. I wouldn't think it would though, since the creative and logical processes happen in opposite hemispheres of the brain. Hmm, I wonder...

*does a little googling*

According to this article, the above statement about brain hemispheres is incorrect. There are certain functions that happen in one hemisphere rather than the other, like speech and language, but it's more like a general rule. Each person's brain is different. For most right-handers, they're speech center is on the left side, but for about 30% of left-handers, it's on the right. So it's very possible that the math and story-generation pieces of my brain are next to each other or intertwined more so than with other regions. That would explain the why then!

After reading the above to my mother, she noted that I approach story creation in a very structured manner. Nothing's random; every little detail matters and fits together as a larger whole. Sounds a bit like math, doesn't it?