Realized a Lie I Believe

I hate migraines. Hate them. They're a literal pain, they prevent me from working, and they just stink all 'round. So it's not difficult to understand why I love being migraine-free.

But I love it too much. And this is how I know:

When I say the phrase "Jesus is better than being migraine-free," even though I logically know it to be true, my heart clenches. It says, how can anything be more wonderful than feeling full of energy and free of miserable pain?

It's easy to love Jesus more than health when I have both. It's difficult to love Him when the other is taken from me, but when it's taken, that's when real love begins. 

So even though I'm in pain today, even though I didn't get to do anything production or help out around the trailer any, even though I still wish I didn't have to suffer these migraines, I will choose to want Jesus more than I want my migraine gone.