An Attempt to Be Outgoing

I've realized that if I'm ever going to meet disc golfers who are as serious and passionate about the game as I am, I'm going to need to be more outgoing than I have been. So, in attempt to practice that social skill, I caught up with a pair of women while out at the course today. They only play casually but meeting them reminded me of a few important things.

  • I shouldn't feel apologetic for my presence. It's okay to admit I don't have many disc golfing friends and I'm out to meet new people. I need not apologize for it.
  • Act confident and comfortable even when I'm not. It'll put others more at ease and make things feel less awkward.
  • Put forth information about myself freely.
  • Ask general questions about the other life. How long playing disc golf, how did they get into disc golf, what's their favorite course, where are they from, what's their job.
  • Return a personal question if it's first asked to me.
  • It's okay to play poorly. I don't need to be embarrassed about it.
  • I need to wear my hair in a single braid down my back. The two braids gives a younger impression than I want to impart.
  • Just have fun.